15th International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment

Topics: Environmental Chemistry, Toxicology, Keywords: see below

Date: /19/20/21/22/23/ September 2010, Gdansk, Poland, Europe

Web Site, Contact: chemanal [at] pg.gda.pl (Professor Jacek Namieśnik)


Official Information:

All presentation will be connected with main problems:

■  Risk assessment and risk management pertaining to toxic metals in the environment
■  Susceptibility and protection of children from toxic metals in their environment
■  Measurement and exposure assessment
■  Biomarkers of exposure and effects of heavy metals
■  Gene-environment-metal interactions
■  Trend tracking/analysis of heavy metal data - spatial and temporal
■  Risk communication pertaining to heavy metals
■  Life cycle analysis for metalliferous consumer products
■  Soil quality criteria
■  Remediation technologies
■  Control strategies for heavy metal emissions and deposition
■  Metal mixtures - mechanistic and epidemiological studies
■  Nutrient-metal interactions
■  Advancements in analytical tools (procedures and measurement devices)
■  Toxicology of heavy metals, from cellular and genomic to ecosystem levels
■  Heavy metals in foods
■  Impact of global change on heavy metal cycle.