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Food Chemistry Conferences

Food Chemistry deals with the chemical aspects of human food and animal feed. It covers the chemical make-up of food, interactions between different foods, foods and ingredients, or foods and the materials used to process and store them. Much of the focus is on the proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates that are contained in foodstuffs, but vitamins, secondary metabolites, minerals, and many other constituents are also of interest. Likewise, interest can be focused on impurities in foods, either from decomposition or introduced at some point in the procedures for food production, harvesting, processing, storage, or distribution. Food chemistry can be applied in the analysis of dietary content to monitor or improve nutrition, or the determination of levels of contaminants to ensure food safety. Chemical food analysis can also be used to compare food products that utilize different ingredients, or that are subjected to different processing methods.

Food Chemistry Conferences in 2017

02 - 04 November 2017
3rd International Conference on Food Chemistry and Technology (FCT-2017)
Baltimore (US)

23 - 24 October 2017
3rd International Symposium on Applied Chemistry (ISAC 2017)
Jakarta (ID)