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Medicinal Chemistry Conferences

Medicinal chemistry is the science of drugs and pharmaceutical therapies. It includes the preparation and study of small molecules, substances, and macromolecules, of both natural and synthetic origin, that can be used to cure or ameliorate a disease condition. Medicinal chemistry draws from natural products chemistry, organic and inorganic synthesis, molecular modeling, and chemoinformatics, and blends in contributions from the related fields of biochemistry, physiology, enzymology, rheology, metabolism, and many others. The medicinal chemistry process begins with the discovery of a "hit" or a "lead", an initial molecule or substance that exhibits a desirable effect in response to a specific disease indication. Then begins a process of optimization in which the molecule or substance is modified methodically to determine which changes improve the activity, and in parallel to examine the properties of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination (ADME) that define how the molecule or substance behaves in the organism. Related to the drug activity is the mode of administration, and the science and art of formulation is employed to ensure that the molecule or substance is stable prior to use, and then is incorporated into the organism in the most beneficial manner.

Medicinal Chemistry Conferences in 2018

16 - 21 September 2018
22nd International Conference on Organic Synthesis (22-ISOC)
Florence (IT)

29 July - 03 August 2018
Natural products and Bioactive Compounds: Research at the Leading Edge of Synthesis, Drug Discovery, and Biosynthesis
Andover (US)

01 - 06 July 2018
18th World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (WCP2018)
Kyoto (JP)

04 - 07 June 2018
13th International Symposium on the Synthesis and Applications of Isotopes and Isotopically Labelled Compounds
Prague (CZ)

04 - 09 March 2018
Marine Natural Products - Gordon Research Conference
Ventura (CA)

Medicinal Chemistry Conferences in 2017

25 - 28 November 2017
2nd International Conference on Applied Chemistry
Hurghada (EG)

25 - 27 September 2017
International Conference On Nanomedicine And Nanobiotechnology (ICONAN 2017)
Barcelona (ES)

15 September 2017
Advances in Boronic Organic Chemistry (AdBOC - 2017)
Sheffield (UK)

04 - 07 September 2017
11th European Conference on Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Barcelona (ES)

05 - 07 September 2017
International Symposium on Synthesis and Catalysis (ISySyCat 2017)
Evora (PT)

03 - 08 September 2017
26th International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry Congress
Regensburg (DE)

30 August - 02 September 2017
Blue Danube Symposium on Heterocyclic Chemistry 2017
Linz (AT)

23 - 27 July 2017
18th Tetrahedron Symposium - Asia Edition
Melbourne (AU)

03 - 05 July 2017
International Conference On Phosphorus, Boron and Silicon (PBSi 2017)
Paris (FR)

27 - 30 June 2017
18th Tetrahedron Symposium - New Developments in Organic Chemistry
Budapest (HU)

17 - 22 June 2018
The Ubiquitous Use of Heterocycles in Modern Chemistry
Newport (US)

13 - 16 June 2017
Mastering Medicinal Chemistry
Boston (MA)

28 May - 01 June 2017
100th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition
Toronto (CA)

23 - 27 April 2017
Drug Discovery Chemistry
San Diego (CA)

13 - 16 April 2017
The 3rd Mediterranean Symposium on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MESMAP-3)
Cyprus (TK)

10 - 13 April 2017
Challenges in Inorganic Chemistry (ISACS)
Manchester (UK)

03 - 05 April 2017
Solutions for Drug Resistant Infections Conference (SDRI 2017)
Brisbane (AU)

22 - 26 January 2017
13th Winter Conference on Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry
Steamboat Springs (US)