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Process Chemistry Conferences

Process Chemistry is the study of synthetic organic chemistry for preparing relatively large quantities of a chemical compound or intermediate on a industrial scale, generally for a substance that will be sold commercially. The work of process chemists involves analysis of the discovery route in terms of practicality, and usually the development and optimization of alternative synthetic methods (including more sustainable approaches) required to produce the target molecular entity in quantity. Process chemistry includes consideration of the starting materials, their commercial availability (large scale) and stability, also of reagents, catalysts, and solvents, and decisions on which purification methods to employ and at which stage(s). The chemical engineering part of the development efforts also involves consideration of the equipment required to carry out the synthesis steps, and the energy inputs necessary for heating, cooling, and the appropriate technology for crystallization, distillation, extraction, and even chromatography on larger scale.

Process Chemistry Conferences in 2017

28 - 29 November 2017
Hazardous Chemistry for Streamlined Large Scale Synthesis
Antwerp (BE)

27 - 29 September 2017
Organic Process Research and Development
Stockholm (SE)

07 - 08 September 2017
BioTech 2017 - Sensor Technology and Online Analytics for (Bio)Process Understanding
Wädenswil (CH)

05 - 07 September 2017
International Symposium on Synthesis and Catalysis (ISySyCat 2017)
Evora (PT)

03 - 06 September 2017
3rd EuCheMS Congress on Green and Sustainable Chemistry (EuGSC)
York (UK)

26 - 28 June 2017
Meeting of the Spanish Catalysis Society (SECAT 17)
Oviedo (ES)

21 - 23 June 2017
The Scale-Up of Chemical Processes
Rochester (US)

14 - 17 May 2017
2nd Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference
Berlin (DE)

06 - 08 March 2017
Organic Process Research and Development
Pasadena (US)

Process Chemistry Conferences in 2016

12 - 14 December
4th Winter Process Chemistry Conference
Glasgow (UK)

17 - 19 October 2016
Organic Process Research and Development
Prague (CZ)

16 - 19 October 2016
Green Solvents Conference
Kiel (DE)

09 - 12 October 2016
16th International Symposium on Preparative and Industrial Chromatography and Allied Techniques
Vienna (AT)

04 - 07 October 2016
IUPAC International Conference on Advanced Polymeric Materials
Jeju (KR)

20 - 22 September 2016
V International Conference on Technical Chemistry: From Theory to Praxis
Perm (RU)

04 - 08 September
6th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry
Venice (IT)

04 - 07 September 2016
9th Asian-European Symposium on Metal-Mediated Efficient Organic Synthesis (AES2016)
Stockholm (SE)

15 - 17 August 2016
4th International Conference on Process Engineering and Advanced Materials (ICPEAM2016)
Kuala Lumpur (MY)

20 - 22 July
2nd International Conference on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Engineering
Rome (IT)

05 - 08 June
International Symposium on Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion in the Process Industries
Freiburg (DE)

22 - 26 May 2016
7th International Symposium on Molecular Aspects of Catalysis by Sulfides
Utrecht (NL)

19 - 22 April 2016
Carbon Dioxide Catalysis
Carvoeiro (PT)

04 - 06 April 2016
Faraday Discussion 2016: Designing new heterogeneous catalysis
London (UK)

15 January 2016
2nd Advances in Crystal Engineering - ACE2016
Barcelona (ES)