Chemistry Conferences Calendar

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

This conference calendar will be switched off soon. The aim was to have a neutral site with all relevant conferences running, but on the one hand professional conference organizers (such as RSC and ACS) preferred to bring their own event calendars online, and on the other hand the organizers of cheap events preferred to spam Google. A third type of Google spammer simply tries to make money from car rentals and hotel bookings. We would have had to invest money and even more time to create a relevant and economically sustainable page, but the number of responses and especially the number of conferences submitted was already too low.

I apologize for this decision, but I was forced to do this, so I can focus on the larger and more relevant scientific website for synthetic chemists:

The Future

I still have an online website for synthetic chemists and it is highly recommended to support this larger project: - Please fix your bookmarks and links!
If you organize conferences in this area and also on topics such as medicinal chemistry or process chemistry, please take a look at the imprint there and we will discuss other ways to promote your conference.

Interested in the Domain

Well, please contact me and we can discuss this option too. Please take a look at the above featured website, so you get the contact information. I would enjoy to sell this project to an organizer of real scientific events, so he is able to systematically feature his conferences.

To make sure: I don't accept event spam and if you spam any of my email addresses without a prior consent, your sender's domain will be blocked forever.

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