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01 - 06 Sep 2024 International Sol-Gel Conference (SolGel 2024) Berlin (DE)
25 - 27 Feb 2024 SupraChem 2024 Ulm (DE)
04 - 07 Mar 2024 Fourth Anatolian Conference on Organic Chemistry (ACOC4) Kemer (TK)
28 - 01 Jul 2024 Foundations of Molecular Modeling and Simulation Snowbird (US)
21 - 23 May 2024 14th Global Drug Delivery and Formulation Summit Berlin (DE)

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Why a chemist should attend scientific conferences

Chemists participate in scientific conferences for a number of reasons, including:

Sharing research findings: Conferences provide an opportunity for chemists to present their research findings to their peers and to receive feedback and constructive criticism. This can help to validate their work, as well as to identify potential areas for improvement.

Staying current with developments in the field: Conferences bring together scientists from around the world to share the latest research and developments in their field. This helps chemists to stay up-to-date with the latest advances and to learn about new techniques and technologies.

Networking: Conferences provide an opportunity for chemists to network with other scientists and to establish professional relationships. These relationships can lead to future collaborations, job opportunities, and other benefits.

Career advancement: Presenting at conferences can help chemists to build their reputation and to demonstrate their expertise in their field. This can lead to new opportunities for career advancement, such as promotions, grants, and collaborations.

Inspiration: Conferences provide a forum for chemists to be inspired by the work of others and to identify new areas for research. They can also provide a source of motivation for scientists to continue their work and to pursue new and challenging research projects.

Overall, participating in scientific conferences is an important aspect of a chemist's professional development, allowing them to share their research, stay current with developments in their field, network with other scientists, and advance their careers.

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