1st International Conference on Sustainable Water Processing

Topics: Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Green Chemistry, Biotechnology, Keywords: see below

Date: /11/12/13/14/ September 2016, Sitges, Spain, Europe

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Due to the rising population, there is an urgent need for the better provision of clean drinking water, while the changing climate is making matters worse. A huge amount of water is also required to grow food. The development of new and sustainable means to supply water and to recycle and reuse it are amongst the most significant challenges.

New approaches to water process engineering technology are vital in meeting this demand. The conference will enable discussion of cutting edge research in water process engineering, sustainability and energy efficiency. The scope will include theoretical and applied research, technological and industrial development.


Emerging sustainable technologies for potable and waste water treatment.
Industrial water: provision and treatment, reuse, and recovery of materials.
Nanotechnology and biotechnology for water processing.
Advanced membrane processes (except those for desalination).
Advanced oxidative and catalytic processes.
Water reuse and recycling.
Integrated and hybrid process technology.
Process modelling.
Environmentally, economically and socially sustainable technology for water treatment
Water as a finite resource – quality, supply, distribution, and aquifer recharge.

Activities in Spain:
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