25th Croatian meeting of chemists and chemical engineers with international participation (25HSKIKI)

Topics: General Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemical Education, Keywords: see below

Date: /19/20/21/22/ April 2017, Poreč, Croatia, Europe

More Information, Contact: asantic [at] irb.hr (Dr.sc. Ana Šantić)


Official Information:

25HSKIKI is jointly organized by the Croatian Chemical Society and Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers and Technologists as a central Croatian biennial gathering of experts, scientists, university and school teachers working in this enchanting field of chemistry and related disciplines. The Meeting will provide an international forum for discussions on the most recent advances in all fields of chemistry in an environment that facilitates networking and interaction among researchers.


Analytical and Structural Chemistry
Medicinal Chemistry and Biochemistry
Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Synthesis and Catalysis
Supramolecular Chemsitry
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
How to succeed in science?
I can do it – science and business