Drug Discovery Chemistry

Topics: Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Keywords: see below

Date: /23/24/25/26/27/ April 2017, San Diego (CA), USA, North America

More Information, Contact: dmello [at] healthtech.com (Dave Mello)


Official Information:

Drug Discovery Chemistry is a conference for medicinal chemists working in pharmaceutical research and development. Focused on drug discovery and optimization of small molecules, this dynamic event with its parallel sessions provides exciting opportunities for scientists to create a unique program to hear presentations most suited to one's personal interests.

Programs include:

Fragment-Based Drug Discovery
Macrocyclics & Constrained Peptides
Biophysical Approaches for Drug Discovery
Small Molecules for Cancer Immunotherapy
Inflammation Inhibitors
Protein-Protein Interactions
GPCR-Targeted Drug Design
Blood-Brain Penetrant Inhibitors
Kinase Inhibitor Chemistry

Plenary Keynote presentations include:

Drug Discovery and Pan-Assay Interference Compounds (PAINS)
Jonathan B. Baell, Ph.D., Monash University
PROTACs: Inducing Protein Degradation as a Therapeutic Strategy
Craig M. Crews, Ph.D., Yale University