Mastering Medicinal Chemistry

Topics: Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Drug Delivery, Keywords: see below

Date: /13/14/15/16/ June 2017, Boston (MA), USA, North America

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Official Information:

The Mastering Medicinal Chemistry conference is in its fifteenth year and remains one of the most popular events of its kind. Each year, very interesting topics in medicinal chemistry are presented by leaders in the pharmaceutical, biotech and academic spaces. The event showcases the biggest opportunities for small molecule development through cutting-edge case studies, panel discussions, poster presentations and discussions.

Mastering Medicinal Chemistry – Part 1 (June 13-14, 2017) will feature emerging targets and the latest breakthroughs in the fields of immuno-oncology, autoimmune diseases, neurodegeneration and other CNS disorders, and more. Mastering Medicinal Chemistry – Part 2 (June 14-15), features case studies and highlights from industry.

Together, these two parts will provide three full days of presentations and discussions on the hottest trends and targets in small molecule drug discovery.

In addition, the sixth annual Property-Based Drug Design, taking place on June 16, features the latest developments and case studies in small molecule research in cancer, autoimmune and CNS drug discovery, including macrocycles, immuno-oncology and epigenetics. Physicochemical properties underline all aspects of drug action and profoundly impact the success rate of drug candidates in the clinic. Property based drug design is, therefore, a critical paradigm in hit and lead optimization towards drug-like molecules with optimal pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetic and safety profiles. The part of Mastering Medicinal Chemistry will also showcase technologies and strategies for prediction and evaluation of biophysical and physicochemical properties.