9th International Conference on Advanced Materials (ROCAM 2017)

Topics: Materials Science, Supramolecular Chemistry, Biotechnology, Keywords: single crystals, nanomaterials, multifunctional materials, photovoltaic materials, emerging materials

Date: /11/12/13/14/ July 2017, Bucharest, Romania, Europe

More Information, Contact: rocam2017 [at] fpce1.fizica.unibuc.ro


Official Information:

The conference focuses on the latest developments in advanced materials theory, modeling, processing, characterization and applications. At the ROCAM Conference, scientists, students and industrialists meet together with international experts of advanced materials and applications.

Presentations will cover basic as well as applied science with a focus on energy, environment, biotechnology, electronics and optoelectronics. The conference will also be a unique opportunity for students to present their one research.

An exhibition will showcase innovative products and services of interest to the Materials Science&Engineering Community.


S1: Crystals: Growth, Characterization, Modeling and Applications;
S2: Solar Energy. Advanced Materials and Devices;
S3: Thin films and nanostructures of advanced functional materials;
S4: Advanced Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications;
S5: Electronic materials and devices: from RF to THz; S6: Advanced Biomaterials, Biodevices and Biotechnology;
S7: Advances in dielectric, ferroelectric, multiferroic materials;
S8: Emerging materials