Advances in Boronic Organic Chemistry (AdBOC - 2017)

Topics: Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Keywords: see below

Date: /15/ September 2017, Sheffield, United Kingdom, Europe

More Information, Contact: adboc.cosshnet [at]


Official Information:

The symposium on Advances in Boronic Organic Chemistry - AdBOC 2017 is organised as part of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Initial Training Network CoSSHNet (Complementary Synthetic Strategies toward Heterocyclic Boronates) and will be held in Sheffield (UK) on the 15th of September 2017. The event covers the lattest advances in boronic organic chemistry and their use in chemistry. This one-day conference will feature both academic and industrial speakers as well as presentation from the Early Stage Researchers.


Complementary synthesis of allylboracycles to populate the chemical functionality to a given area of biological interest
New Routes to sp2 C-Boronate Esters Using Just Simple Boron Electrophiles