Symposium on Emulsion Polymerization and Functional Polymeric Microspheres (ASEPFPM 6)

Topics: Polymer Chemistry, Materials Science, Drug Delivery, Keywords: see below

Date: /7/8/9/10/ March 2018, Fukui, Japan, Asia

More Information, Contact: tobita [at] (Prof. Hidetaka Tobita)


Official Information:

This event focuses on polymerization and microspheres by discussing recent research advances in both fundamental and applications in the fields of emulsion polymerization and functional polymeric microspheres.


1. Synthesis mechanism of polymer micro/nano microspheres
2. New characterization technique of micro/nano microspheres
3. Morphology control of polymer micro/nano microspheres
4. Preparation of polymer composite micro/nano microspheres
5. Applications of polymer micro/nano microspheres
6. Applications of micro/nano microspheres in biomedicine
7. Others