35th International Conference on Solution Chemistry (ICSC)

Topics: Analytical Chemistry, Process Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physical Chemistry, Keywords: see below

Date: /26/27/28/29/30/ August 2018, Szeged, Hungary, Europe

More Information, Contact: sipos [at] chem.u-szeged.hu (Dr. Pal Sipos)


Official Information:

The International Conferences on Solution Chemistry are known to bring together scientists from all branches of solution chemistry, from the fundamental and applied sciences, and from all of the 5 continents of the World. The topics of the conference will include every and any themes that may be associated with solutions, such as analytical chemistry, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, interfaces and molecular simulations. We would like to show during the ICSC35 that solution chemistry is one of the most exciting and fascinating branches of chemistry, which has an enormous number of practical aspects.


A. Solution chemistry in the medical sciences
B. Practical/industrial applications of solution chemistry
C. L/ILW radioactive waste repositories
D. Spectroscopy of solutions
E. (Bio)coordination chemistry
F. Supercritical fluids
G. Colloids and interfaces
H. Ionic liquids
I. Computational solution chemistry
J. Thermodynamics
K. Solubility phenomena