3rd International Symposium on the Synthesis and Application of Curved Organic π-Molecules and Materials

Topics: Organic Chemistry, Materials Science, Physical Chemistry, Keywords:

Date: /5/6/7/ September 2018, Oxford, United Kingdom, Europe

More Information, Contact: curopi [at] chem.ox.ac.uk (Dr. Przemyslaw Gawel)


Official Information:

Spectacular organic syntheses provide amazing new molecular belts, hoops, balls, bowls and tubes with unique opto-electronic properties. These materials provide unique opportunities for engineering functional organic semiconductors and dyes. Familiar curved π-systems - including helicenes, corannulenes, and fullerenes - continue to generate fascinating surprises. Concave and convex pi-surfaces offer new ways to control molecular recognition and stacking. The goal of this meeting is to elucidate the synthesis and properties of non-planar aromatics and curved π-systems, and to extend the application of these compounds in fields such as electronics and biology.