8th IUPAC International Conference on Green Chemistry (8th ICGC)

Topics: Green Chemistry, Process Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemical Education, Keywords: see below

Date: /9/10/11/12/13/14/ September 2018, Bangkok, Thailand, Asia

More Information, Contact: warayuth [at] nanotec.or.th (Dr. Warayuth Sajomsang)


Official Information:

The 8th ICGC offers a rich and attractive program under the theme Green for Sustainable Growth: Chemistry, Scaling-Up, Economic, Regulation, Innovation, and Education. The conference will provide an insight into the recent and future developments in green chemistry, as well as a platform for us to exchange ideas, foster collaboration and develop new partnerships.


Topic 1. Green Chemicals, Polymers, and Materials
- Session: Green Polymers/Materials
- Session: Green Chemicals and Solvents
- Session: Valorization of Waste into Chemicals

Topic 2. Green Synthesis, Manufacturing, and Engineering Processes
- Session: Green Synthesis and Catalyst
- Session: Green Manufacturing/Engineering
- Session: Computer-Aided Design for Green Processes
- Session: Green Bioprocesses

Topic 3. Green Fossil Energy, Biomass, and Future fuels
- Session: Green Energy and Energy storage
- Session: Green Biofuel, Biogas and Bioenergy
- Session: Non-thermal Activation Methods

Topic 4. Green Chemistry Education
- Session: Environmental Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment
- Session: Green Education and Future Directions