International Conference On Nanomedicine And Nanobiotechnology (ICONAN 2018)

Topics: Nanotechnology, Materials Science, Drug Delivery, Biotechnology, Keywords: see below

Date: /26/27/28/ September 2018, Rome, Italy, Europe

More Information, Contact: iconan2018 [at]


Official Information:

The International Conference On Nanomedicine And Nanobiotechnology is an annual event, which attracts high quality papers in different subfields, offers the opportunity to be updated on the latest research outputs on several Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology topics, organizes specific workshops around the most attractive and current issues, gathers worldwide experts as conference speakers.


Targeted drug delivery, organ biodistribution and nanocarriers
Nanomedicine for immune system and cancer diagnosis & therapy
Biological & medical nanodevices and biosensors
3D models, tissue engineering and regenerative nanomedicine
Toxicology and risk assessment of nanomedicine systems
Nano-Imaging for diagnosis, therapy and delivery in preclinical and clinical fields
Nano and microsystems for artificial biology and biocatalysis
Nanotechnology and translational medicine: from the bench to the bedside