Emerging Polymer Technologies Summit

Emerging Material Technologies Summit 2018

Topics: Polymer Chemistry, Materials Science, Molecular Modeling, Keywords: see below

Date: /4/5/6/7/8/ November 2018, Hanoi, Vietnam, Asia

More Information, Contact: alexe.bojovschi [at] iirnet.org (Prof. Alexe Bojovschi)


Official Information:

The third Emerging Polymer Technologies Summit will be combined with the first Emerging Material Technologies Summit 2018 (EMTS'18) to create an exciting opportunity for leading researchers to showcase the latest, boundary spanning advances in materials science and engineering.


Materials Fundamentals
Materials synthesis
Materials characterization
Polymerization mechanisms

Materials Modelling and Simulations
Data driven materials design using machine learning
Materials simulations using DFT, Monte Carlo or Molecular Dynamics

Materials for Renewable Energy Applications
Organic/hybrid/perovskite solar cells
Emerging energy storage: batteries, super capacitor, emerging catalyst for H2 production

Materials for Biological and Medical Applications
Biosensing technology
Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Wearable/stretchable bioelectronics
Drug and gene delivery technology
3D printing technology
Antimicrobial materials