4th International Conference on Application of Radiotracers and Energetic Beams in Sciences (ARCEBS-2018)

Topics: Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Materials Science, Medicinal Chemistry, Keywords: see below

Date: /11/12/13/14/15/16/17/ November 2018, Kolkata, India, Asia

More Information, Contact: arcebs.2018 [at] gmail.com


Official Information:

New developments in science and technology with the help of radiotracer and energetic beams in carrying out research are the topics covered in this symposium.


Radioisotope production
Nuclear data
Application of Radiotracers in Chemical Sciences
Application of Radiotracers in Environmental Sciences
Environmental Radioactivity
Application of Radiotracers in Biological sciences including Agriculture
Radiotracers and Ion Beam in Material Sciences
RIB and its applications
Interdisciplinary Research using Radiotracers or Energetic Beams
Production of Medical Isotopes
Synchrotron Research
Superheavy Element Research
Hyperfine Interactions
Hadron Therapy
Nanotechnology in Radiopharmaceuticals
Accelerator Driven Systems
Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
Liquid Scintillation Spectrometry and its applications
Radio-green Chemistry