Metals in Biology - GRC

Topics: Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Toxicology, Keywords: see below

Date: /27/28/ January 2019 /1/ February 2019, Ventura (CA), USA, North America

More Information, Contact: jmb21 [at] (Prof. J. Martin Bollinger)


Official Information:

Metals in Biology will focus on novel, complex transformations in natural product biosynthesis, complex metallocofactor assembly and function, metal trafficking relevant to infectious disease, deployment of metalloenzymes for energy and commercial applications, and elucidation of modern metallobiogeochemistry and how it evolved.


Oxidative Rearrangements to Unusual Functional Groups in Bioactive Natural Products
New Free-Radical and Organometallic Enzyme Chemistry
Iron-Sulfur Cluster Biogenesis and Its Implications for Human Health
Metalloenzymes and Bio-Relevant Metal Catalysts for Commerce
Assembly and Function of Multi-Electron Redox Cofactors
Toxicity, Signaling and Catalysis in the Biochemistry of Reactive O/N/S Species
Metal Acquisition and Restriction at Host-Disease Interfaces
Microbes, Enzymes and Inorganic Catalysts for a Sustainable Future
Modern and Ancient Metallobiogeochemistry