Plant Lipids: Structure, Metabolism and Function - GRC

Topics: Biochemistry, Agricultural Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Keywords: see below

Date: /27/28/29/30/31/ January 2019 /1/ February 2019, Galveston (TX), USA, North America

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Plant lipids, such as fats, oils and waxes are key players in human nutrition and important commodities for diverse industrial processes. Moreover, biological regulation by lipid messengers contributes to plant stress tolerance and adaptation to a globally changing environment.


Lipids in Human Health
Membrane Structure and Function
Protein-Lipid Interaction
Designing Lipids for Health and Industry
Lipids at the Interface with Other Players
Lipids in Plant Development
Lipid Detection and Visualization
Lipids in the Response to Environmental Challenges
Frontiers of Plant Lipid Biology