Single-Molecule Sensors and NanoSystems International Conference

Topics: Nanotechnology, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Keywords: see below

Date: /3/4/5/ April 2019, Munich, Germany, Europe

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Sensors with extraordinary sensitivity for detecting physical, chemical, and biological entities at the micro/nanoscale have many possible applications in health, environment, analysis, and security. A new class of label-free micro and nanosensors are starting to emerge that allow us to observe dynamic processes at the single molecule level directly, with unprecedented spatial- and temporal resolution and without significantly affecting the natural and functional movements of the molecules.

This conference will bring together researchers in the rapidly advancing field of Single Molecule Sensors and nanoSystems. The conference focusses on the most recent advances in micro and nano-sensing techniques that have either demonstrated single-molecule detection or that claim single-molecule detection capability on sensor chips in the longer term.


Molecular Machines, Synthetic Biology and DNA Origami
In-vivo and wearable Sensor Devices, Materials and Systems
Integrated Sensor Chips and multiplexed Sensing
Modelling and Analysis of Sensors and Systems
Micro/Nanofluidics and chemical control at the Nanoscale
Commercial Single-molecule Sensors and Sequencers
Single-Molecule Devices and Sensor Technologies
Single-Molecule Spectroscopy
Quantum Limits in Biodetection
Biophotons and Biophotonics Sensors