Polymorphism and Crystallization Conference

Topics: Process Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Drug Delivery, Keywords: see below

Date: /8/9/ April 2019, Boston (MA), USA, North America

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The reproducible production of organic crystals in the correct form (habit, solvate, polymorph) and particle size is a source of much heart-ache to chemists, engineers, pharmacists and formulators. Although production of new polymorphs and solvates can be a source of profit for companies through extension of the patent lifetime, the inability to manufacture a consistent crystalline form often leads to costly project delays, particularly in chemical development.


Next Generation Technology for in situ Polymorph Detection and Transition Tracking
Use of a Polymer Additive To Enhance Impurity Rejection in the Crystallization of a Pharmaceutical Compound
Development of Methods to Quantify Solid Form Purity
Case Studies on Controlling Solid State Attributes of Drug Substances by Crystallization
Use of Twin Screw Extruders as a Process Chemistry Tool: Application of Mechanochemistry to Support Early Development Programs
From Crystal Structure to Isolation Process and Formulation Selection