Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage - GRC

Topics: Chemical Engineering, Green Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Keywords: see below

Date: /5/6/7/ May 2019, Les Diablerets, Switzerland, Europe

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Are scientists and engineers ready to deliver Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage systems for large scale deployment? What are the challenges and hurdles towards implementation? What are the technical solutions and scientific breakthroughs emerged or about to emerge?


The Systemic Aspects of CCUS
Enabling Negative Emissions: Direct Air Capture with Carbon Storage (DACCS)
Coping with CO2 in the Heat and Power Sector
Second Generation CO2 Capture Technologies
The Role of CCUS in a Net-Zero-Emissions World
Enabling Negative Emissions: Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage
Dealing with CO2 in Industrial Sectors
Overcoming the Challenges of CO2 Storage
The Personal and Societal Challenges of CO2 Emissions Mitigation