Technical Chemistry from Theory to Praxis 2019

Topics: Process Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Keywords: see below

Date: /21/22/23/ May 2019, Perm, Russia, Europe

More Information, Contact: info [at], naimushin.e [at] (Evgueny Naimushin)


Official Information:

This event is held at the Institute of Technical Chemistry of Ural Branch of the RAS in the City of Perm on May 21-23, 2019. Perm, an important Russian scientific center, is located in the European part of Russia and can easily be reached by train (Trans-Siberian Railway) or flight. The event provides a stimulating environment for chemical professionals to network, exchange ideas and learn about new results of research work in their respective areas of interest.


• Organic chemistry (including: reactivity and reaction mechanisms, structure and reactivity of heterocyclic compounds, targeted functionalization of natural compounds)
• Heterogeneous processes (including: theory and praxis, extraction and ion flotation, absorption and catalysis)
• Polymers and Composites (including synthesis of polymers and investigation on structure and properties of polymers and biopolymers, nanosystems and composites)
Priority Technology Areas of the Institute of Technical Chemistry in Perm

• Organic synthesis: natural biologically active compounds and their derivatives against viral diseases
• Process chemistry: extraction and ion flotation techniques in hydrometallurgy to process depleted ores and metallurgical wastes
• Nanotechnology: synthesis of and investigation in structure and properties of nano-dispersive fillers for polymeric composites; creation and investigation of super hydrophobic and super oleophobic surfaces
• Carbonic materials as raw materials for graphites to be used in atomic power engineering, in aircraft and aerospace industry, and in electronics
• Polymers: structurally and chemically modified polymers; functional elastic composites with micro- and nano-dispersive fillers; energy-dissipating polymeric systems based on block-structured polyurethanes, frost-resistant composites for Far North and Arctic regions
• Composites: elaboration of special-purpose materials for protection of constructional elements, for fire safety