International Conference on Magnetic Fluids - ICMF 2019

Topics: Materials Science, Inorganic Chemistry, Drug Delivery, Physical Chemistry, Keywords: Liquid dispersions, complex fluids (magnetorheological fluids), ferrogels, ferronematics, ferropolymers, biocolloidal

Date: /8/9/10/11/12/ July 2019, Paris, France, Europe

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Official Information:

The International Conference on Magnetic Fluids brings together the international scientific community involved in magnetic fluid science every three years since 1979. ICMF 2019 at Sorbonne Université in Paris (France) will highlight synthesis and properties of innovative magnetic materials with a special emphasis on societal applications in the domain of energy, environment and biomedical.


Advanced design and synthesis of magnetic particles and magnetic fluids
Active magnetic colloids and soft magnetic systems
Structures and rheology of magnetic fluids and suspensions
Mass and energy transfer in magnetic colloids and complex fluids
Free surface phenomena and ferrohydrodynamics
Theory, statistical mechanics and modeling of complex magnetic fluids
Magnetic and physical properties of ferrofluids and soft magnetic matter
Bio applications (imaging, drug delivery, magnetic hyperthermia, vectorization, tracking,..)
Engineering applications for energy
Environmental applications based of magnetic carriers