Nanoporous Materials and Their Applications - GRC

Topics: Materials Science, Polymer Chemistry, Keywords: see below

Date: /4/5/6/7/8/9/ August 2019, Andover (NH), USA, North America

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Nanoporous materials, with their exquisite combination of chemistry and structural architecture, comprise one of the most important classes of solid in modern science. Their importance in the 21st century ranges across the different types of nanoporous solid: zeolites, metal-organic and covalent organic frameworks and porous polymers.


Materials Invention
Characterization at the Cutting Edge
Computation and Experiment
Layers and Films: New Routes to Impactful Solids
Designing Materials for Catalysis
Emerging and Bio-Inspired Applications of Nanoporous Solids
Nanoporous Materials for a Safe and Secure World
Synthesis and Mechanism of Porous Materials
Defects and Glasses: Porous Materials of the Future