7th International Conference for Young Chemists (ICYC 2019)

Topics: Materials Science, Analytical Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Biochemistry, Keywords: see below

Date: /14/15/16/ August 2019, Penang, Malaysia, Asia

More Information, Contact: icyc [at] usm.my


Official Information:

This is a unique conference for and organized by young chemistry.


Control of Properties of Nanosized Zeolites
Finding Value in Food Waste - Biomass Resource Utilisation Opportunities
At the Intersection of Sport, Science and Sustainability
Potential Valorization of Trace Element-contaminated Biomass for Biofuels Production
Analytical and Environmental Chemistry
Creation of Metallosupramolecular Compounds from Gold(I) Metalloligands with Amino Acids
Mitochondrial Targeting Cancer Phototherapy by Near-infrared Light and Pi-extended Porphyrin/Drug Delivery Carrier Conjugate
Biosensors by Using Nanomaterials for Detection of Some Chemicals and Biomarkers
Design, Synthesis and Biologial Evaluation of Some Pyrrolidine-type Compounds
Some Advances in the Determination of Mycotoxins in Food and Animal Feeds
Mesoporous Catalysts Enhanced Biofuel Production via Deoxygenation