27th International Workshop on Active-Matrix Flatpanel Displays and Devices

Topics: Materials Science, Nanotechnology, Physical Chemistry, Keywords: see below

Date: /1/2/3/4/ September 2020, Kyoto, Japan, Asia

More Information, Contact: secretariat [at] amfpd.jp


Official Information:

Since its inception in 1994, this event has been providing important opportunities for people engaged in the research and development of systems, devices & processes, materials for FPDs (Flat Panel Displays), thin-film devices, and photovoltaics. The active-matrix displays, active devices, and photovoltaics based on thin-film technologies are one of the key devices for facilitating the IT、IoT and sustainable society. There is no doubt that importance of the devices will emphasize well into the future.


●Flat Panel Displays (FPD): flexible display, printed display, LCD, OLED, μLED, e-paper, 3D display, virtual reality display, augmented
reality display, high-resolution display, high-definition display, automotive display, novel display, touch screen panel, in-cell technology,
driving technology, circuit technology, display manufacturing, and other FPD technology
●TFT Technologies (TFT): oxide TFTs, organic TFTs, amorphous, microcrystalline and polycrystalline Si-based TFTs, other
material TFTs such as graphene, carbon nanotubes, layered transition metal dichalcogenide, and semiconductor nanowires, device
modeling, device and circuit simulation, reliability, and other TFT technology
●Photovoltaics (PV): thin-film solar cells (Si-based, compound, organic, and perovskite), amorphous/crystalline Si heterojunction,
passivation, transparent conductive oxides and light management, third-generation (quantum dots, interband, plasmon etc.), BIPV,
characterization, reliability, photo-thermal solar energy conversion, and other PV technology
●Thin-Film Materials and Devices (TFMD): thin-film materials (2D materials, and others) and processing, apparatus technology,
wearable sensors, thin-film emerging devices (imaging devices, sensors, and others), thin-film and devices characterizations (structural,
optical and electrical properties), substrate materials and passivation technologies, and other TFMD technology.