9th IUPAC International Conference on Green Chemistry

Topics: Green Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biotechnology, Chemical Education, Keywords: see below

Date: /18/19/20/21/22/ October 2020, Athens, Greece, Europe

More Information, Contact: info [at] greeniupac2020.org


Official Information:

The main aim of the IUPAC International Conference series on Green Chemistry (ICGC) is to bring together all relevant stakeholders from academia, research, industry, NGOs, policy makers and society, to exchange and disseminate knowledge and ideas that promote the concept of green chemistry, sustainable development and circular economy.


Green Chemistry in Academia, Research and Industry
Green Chemistry in Education and Society
Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development, Bioeconomy and Circular Economy

Specific Topics

1. Green solvents, safe reagents and sustainable industrial processes
2. Alternative and benign chemical processes (microwaves, ultrasounds, photochemistry, electrochemistry, flow chemistry, etc.)
3. Sustainable organic synthesis
3. Sustainable organic synthesis
4. Pollution prevention and remediation
5. Toxicology and Ecotoxicology of Chemicals and Products
6. Waste recycle and valorization – Circular economy (food waste, hazardous waste, municipal waste, plastic waste)
7. Valorization of renewable and natural resources
8. Biomass derived platform & fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, monomers, polymers and composites
8a. Thematic Workshop on “Biopolymers and Bio-based monomers, polymers and composites” NEW !
9. Alternative fossil fuels and biofuels, green bio-energy, CO2 valorization
10. Energy and atom efficient catalytic processes (homogeneous, heterogeneous and bio-catalysis)
11. Nano-materials for energy and environmental applications
12. Green Analytical and Environmental Chemistry and Technology
13. Computational Chemistry towards greener chemical processes
14. Green Chemistry in conservation and restoration of cultural heritage
15. Green Chemistry metrics; Lifecycle assessment (LCA)
16. Green Chemistry education, policy, ethics, legislation and communication
17. Green Chemistry & UN Sustainable Developments Goals
18. Green Chemistry and entrepreneurship