Nanotech Singapore 2020 International Conference and Exhibition

Topics: Nanotechnology, Materials Science, Keywords: see below

Date: /25/26/27/ November 2020, Singapore, Asia

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The first edition of the Nano Singapore conference and exhibition will bring together leading scientists, researchers, engineers, practitioners, technology developers, industrials and policy makers. It will offer the opportunity to exchange information on latest research progress and innovation, network, find new partners, understand the current state of the art in nanotechnology and discuss directions for future research.


Advanced Nanomaterials
Nanomaterials Fabrication and Tools
Modelling and simulations at the nanoscale
NanoMetrology/ Characterization at the nanoscale
Graphene & 2D materials
Nanoscale Electronics/NanoPhotonics
Nanotech for Energy and Environment
Nanotech in Life Sciences and Medicine
Nanotechnology safety/ Nanotoxicity
Nano Applications