Pittcon 2021 - Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy

Topics: Analytical Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Materials Science, Keywords: see below

Date: /7/8/9/10/11/ March 2021, New Orleans, United States, North America

More Information, Contact: info [at] pittcon.org


Official Information:

Pittcon 2021 is currently being planned as an in-person show, offering the same interactive, collaborative environment that we have for over 70 years. In addition, Pittcon is planning virtual alternatives, which will allow us to offer the same access to knowledge and invention, adapted and expanded to accommodate modern concerns.


ACS Analytical Chemistry and ANYL: Spectroscopy and Imaging at the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Advanced Analytical Techniques in the Study of Energy Storage Materials
Advances in Electrochemical and Ion Current Imaging
Advances in Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Analysis Methods for Cannabis – From Plants to Commercial Products
Analytical Chemistry of Beer and Brewing
Bioelectronic Devices to Study Disease and Injury in the Nervous System using Neurochemical Analysis
Cannabis in 2021: Analytical Challenges and Impacts on Driving and Public Health
Celebrating Advancements in Bioanalytical Electrochemistry
Characterizing Catalysts for Louisiana’s Industries
Chemometrics and Big Data in Cultural Heritage
Detecting, Quantifying, and Evaluating PFAS (Perfluoroalkyl Substrates) Exposures in the Environment
Emerging Chemical Contaminants in Foods: Analytical Challenges and Occurrence Studies
Emerging Technologies for Precision Diagnostics of Infections and Infectious Diseases
Food Safety and Security
Frontier Research in Mass Spectrometry – From Simplified Ionizations to Non-Target Screening Quantitation without Standards
Frontiers in Gas Chromatography for the Petrochemical Laboratory - From Sampling to Detection
High-Throughput Digital Biological Assays: Single Molecules to Single Cells
(IAEAC) - International Association Of Environmental Analytical Chemistry - The Future of Environmental and Food Monitoring
(IAEAC) - International Association Of Environmental Analytical Chemistry - Thinking Outside of the Box: What is the Role of Analytical Chemists in Combatting Climate Change?
(JAIMA-ETC) - Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers Association-Enabling Technology Consortium (ETC) - Beyond Biopharma Analysis – Characterization of New Pharmaceutical Modalities to Understand Its Active and Formulated State
Microfluidic and Nanofluidic Systems for the Detection of Viruses
Nanoscale Electrochemistry
Nanosized Molecules, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology for Biological Analysis and Medical Diagnostic: From Fundamental Research to Practical Applications
Nature Inspired Material Science
New Developments in Microextraction Technologies for Bioanalysis
Next-Generation Imaging Mass Spectrometry
(NIJ) - National Institute of Justice - Emerging Analytical Methods for Chemical and Biological Forensic Evidence
(NIJ) - National Institute of Justice - Innovations and Trends in Forensic Examination of Seized Drugs and Forensic Toxicology
Past, Present, and Future of Chiral Separations
Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances: Sources of Human Exposure- How They Got There and How to Detect Them
The Evolution of Automation and Machine Learning in Analytical Sciences for Pharmaceutical Research and Development
Rapid Prototyping for Detection and Sampling with Applications in Chemistry and Biology Laboratories
Realizing Clinical Promise of Liquid Biopsies for Cancer Management
Separations on Small Volume Samples
Spectroscopy Sheds Light on the Artist’s Palette – Then and Now
Structural Studies of Sustainable Bioplastics: Can They Replace Conventional Petroleum-Based Synthetic Polymers?
Towards the Development of Clinical Accurate Point-of-Care Diagnostic Tests
Wearable and In Vivo Probes for Detecting Inflammation Markers in Humans and Animals