International Nutrition Research Conference

Topics: Food Chemistry, Agricultural Chemistry, Biochemistry, Keywords: see below

Date: /9/10/11/ September 2021, Rome, Italy, Europe

More Information, Contact: nutrition[at]


Official Information:

HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Rome, Italy or Virtually from your home or work.

Through the theme “Future trends in the rising technology for Nutritional Sciences” conference will explore the advances in Food and Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Deficiencies, Nutraceuticals and supplements, fitness etc.


1. Nutrition, Health and Aging
3. Nutrition and Food Science Research
5. Pediatric Nutrition
7. Nutraceuticals and Nutrition Supplements
9. Probiotic Nutrition
11. Plant Nutrition and Soil Science
13. Cardiovascular Nutrition
15. Malnutrition
17. Nutritional Epidemiology
19. Clinical Nutrition
21. Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics
23. Aquaculture Nutrition
2. Nutritional Deficiencies
4. Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism
6. Nutrition and Diabetes
8. Obesity and Weight Management
10. Importance of Nutritional Therapies
12. Geriatrics Nutrition
14. Nutritional Biochemistry
16. Nutrition and Cancer
18. Human Nutrition and Dietetics
20. Animal and Livestock Nutrition
22. Fitness Research and development
24. Renal Nutrition