2nd Plenareno Material Science and Nanotechnology Conference

Topics: Materials Science, Nanotechnology, Polymer Chemistry, Keywords: biomaterials, metallurgy, biomedical engineering, carbon nanoscience, smart materials

Date: /3/4/ December 2021, Barcelona, Spain, Europe

More Information, Contact: materialscience@plenareno.net


Official Information:

The 2nd Materials Science and Nanotechnology Conference has been scheduled in collaboration with the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) and the Materials Research Society of Serbia (MRS-S) to bestow with the exchange of ideas on recent advances & breakthroughs in materials research, nanotechnology, metallurgy, polymer science, biomaterials and smart materials on a global platform.

Opportunity for all presenters to be part of Best Presenter / Best Young Researcher / Best Poster Awards competition.


Material Science and Engineering
Nanotechnology and Nanoscience
Polymer Science and Technology
Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
Biomedical Devices and Biomedical Engineering
Ceramic Coatings and Composite Materials
Mechanical and Metallurgical Engineering
Optics and Photonics
Nanomedicine and Nanomaterials
Graphene and Carbon Nanotechnology
Smart and Emerging Materials