23rd EuroQSAR

Topics: Molecular Modeling, Chemoinformatics, Medicinal Chemistry, Agricultural Chemistry, Keywords: see below

Date: /26/27/28/29/30/ September 2022, Heidelberg, Germany, Europe

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Official Information:

The EuroQSAR Symposia have been taking place since 1973 and constitute major scientific events in the field of computational drug design, with further applications in agricultural and environmental sciences. The 23rd European Symposium on Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship will take place from September 26-30, 2022 in Heidelberg, Germany.


QSAR without Borders
Artificial Intelligence in Drug Design
Molecular Dynamics and Kinetics
Chemical Space Annotation and Expansion
Modelling Drug Safety
Challenges in GPCR Drug Design
Modelling Drug Transport Mechanisms
Predicting Off-Target Pharmacology
Network Medicine
New Modes of Target Interaction
New Trends in Quantum Mechanics
Future Challenges Ahead