Poly-Char 2023

Topics: Polymer Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Keywords: see below

Date: /29/30/31/ January 2023, Auckland, New Zealand, Oceania

More Information, Contact: polychar2023 [at] auckland.ac.nz


Official Information:

POLY-CHAR is rooted in polymer synthesis, characterization, processing, application, recycling, education and its environmental/social consequences.


Advanced synthetic polymer chemistry and polymeric materials
Biological functional polymers and Advanced biomaterials for healthcare and medical use
Nanomaterials and Smart Materials
Polymer physics and characterisation, rheology, modelling and simulation, bulk and surface analysis
Polymers and Environmental sustainability: Polymer recycling, biodegradable polymers, Ocean plastic reduction, Environmental Improvements and Solutions
Polymers for agriculture and horticulture: Pastoral materials and polymers, Food polymers
Natural occurring polymers: Forest and Marine materials and products
Commercial plastics processing and production, smart packaging
Polymers for additive manufacturing (3D/4D printing) and other processing technologies
Polymer for optoelectronics, microphotonics, sensing and polymer batteries for energy applications
Aggregation Induced Emission (AIE) mechanisms, novel luminogens, biomedical imaging, theranostics, and optoelectronic applications
Photovoltaic materials and devices for polymer solar cells, the electrochemistry of conducting polymers
Porous polymers for separation membrane and gas adsorption
Special session on Chromatography of Polymers honouring the memory of the late Professor Dusan Berek