International Workshop on Molecular Modeling and Simulation

Topics: Molecular Modeling, Medicinal Chemistry, Materials Sciences, Keywords: see below

Date: /2/3/ March 2023, Frankfurt, Germany, Europe

More Information, Contact: sabine.urbanczyk [at]


Official Information:

The International MolMod Workshop is dedicated to molecular modeling and simulation, an interdisciplinary field where science and engineering join forces. It provides a unique opportunity for discussing the latest state of the art developments in the field of molecular modeling and simulation. Addressing scientific as well as practical problems, various topics and applications are considered, including simulation tools, multiscale modeling, physico-chemical properties and nanoscale processes. The MolMod is aimed at bringing together experts from academia and industry, comprising different scientific communities that are engaged in applied molecular modeling and simulation.


Quantum Chemical Methods
Force Fields
MD/MC Simulation Methods and Tools
Multiscale Modeling and Simulation
Physico‐Chemical Properties
Reactive Systems
Nanoscale Processes
Porous Media
Processes at Surfaces