Eurotox 2023

Topics: Toxicology, Biochemistry Keywords: see below

Date: /11/12/13/ September 2023, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe

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Under the theme “Toxicology – multidisciplinary science leading to safer and sustainable life” the Local Organising Committee has put together an inspiring programme covering all aspects of modern toxicology. We are particularly keen to emphasise the breadth of toxicology and the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration.


Adverse Outcome Pathways
Biomarkers of adverse effects
Genotoxicology, mutagenesis and carcinogenicity
Chemical emergencies
Clinical and forensic toxicology
Computational toxicology
Dermal and ocular toxicology
Developmental and reproductive toxicology
Endocrine disrupting chemicals
Environmental epidemiology and toxicology
Gastrointestinal tract toxicology & microbiome
Inhalation and respiratory toxicology
Integrated approaches for testing and assessment (IATA)
In vitro methodologies & screening
Micro and nano particle toxicology
Mitochondrial toxicity
Mixture toxicity
Naturally occurring poisons (Toxins)
New approach methodologies (NAMs)
Occupational toxicology
Regulatory toxicology
Risk assessment & communication
Target organ toxicity