International Conference of Physical Chemistry - ROMPHYSCHEM

Topics: Physical Chemistry, Keywords: see below

Date: /25/26/27/ September 2023, Bucharest, Romania, Europe

More Information, Contact: maria_mitu [at] (Maria Mitu)


Official Information:

The 17th edition of this conference is organized by the „Ilie Murgulescu” Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Romanian Academy, Faculty of Chemistry – University of Bucharest, and ALPHA Association.

This is a special edition that marks the 60th anniversary of the Institute of Physical Chemistry, founded in 1963 by Professor Ilie Murgulescu and 55 years since the first ROMPHYSCHEM conference.


Theoretical chemistry. Molecular spectroscopy.
Chemical kinetics and thermodynamics.
Catalysis and Chemical Engineering.
Electrochemistry. Corrosion. Ionic liquids.
Advanced materials science.
Biophysical and pharmaceutical physical chemistry.
Green chemistry and environmental engineering.
Advanced ellipsometric and spectroscopic techniques: applications in environment, energy and sensing.
Sol-gel science and applications.
Physical chemistry of soft materials.