49th Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces (PCSI-49)

Topics: Surface Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Materials Science, Keywords: see below

Date: /14/15/16/17/19/ January 2024, Santa Fe, USA, North America

More Information, Contact: della [at] avs.org (Della Miller)


Official Information:

The annual PCSI conference is devoted to achieving a fundamental understanding of the physical, chemical, biological, structural, optical, magnetic, and electrical properties of surfaces and interfaces.


Semiconductor Heterostructures: Growth, Nanostructures, & Interfaces
Topological Materials
Materials for Catalysis, Energy Storage, and Energy Harvesting
Wide Bandgap Materials
2D Materials and Graphene
High-k Dielectrics and Ferroelectrics
Oxide Semiconductor Materials
Materials for Neuromorphic Computing (eg Memristor & Phase Change Materials)
Materials for Quantum Sensing
Organic and Hybrid Semiconductor Materials
Magnetic Materials (2D, Monolayers, & Heterostructures)
Spin Transport and Spintronics
Characterization of Interfaces and Devices (Transport, Optical, & Electronic)
Photoemission Spectroscopy
Point defects (for Quantum Information Applications)