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Chemoinformatics Conferences

Chemoinformatics is the application of computer databases and information science methods to the management and utilization of data relating to chemistry. These methods include rapid search and retrieval, and increasingly specific search algorithms, as well as basic theoretical work relating to how data is stored, structured and indexed to permit optimum access. The chemical data can be roughly divided into two areas: digital representations of chemical structures and structural features, and digital representations of chemical property data. These digital representations involve file formats and structure and data keys to facilitate searchability. One of the challenges of chemoinformatics is to facilitate data transfer between incompatible formats. Many chemical and technology companies use sophisticated chemoinformatics to do data mining in support of their research and development programs in medicinal chemistry as well as organic chemistry. A more narrow application is in inventory management of chemical samples in a sample archive library.

Chemoinformatics Conferences in 2024

Chemoinformatics Conferences in 2023

19 - 23 March 2023
2023 SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo
Nashville (US)

Chemoinformatics Conferences in 2022

26 - 30 September 2022
23rd EuroQSAR
Heidelberg (DE)