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Inorganic Chemistry Conferences

Inorganic chemistry is the branch of chemistry that deals with the study of the properties, behavior, and structure of all elements and compounds except carbon and its derivatives. It covers a wide range of topics including inorganic compounds, minerals, metals, non-metals, and their reactions. The goal of inorganic chemistry is to understand the interactions between elements and how they form compounds, as well as the behavior and structure of these compounds. Inorganic chemistry plays a significant role in fields such as materials science, environmental science, and biochemistry. By studying inorganic substances, scientists can gain insights into important processes such as energy generation, atmospheric chemistry, and biological interactions.

Inorganic Chemistry Conferences in 2024

25 - 29 August 2024
17th European Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference (EuroBIC-17)
Muenster (DE)

Inorganic Chemistry Conferences in 2023

13 - 14 October 2023
12th Chemistry Conference (12cc)
Plovdiv (BG)

22 - 24 March 2023
International Conference On Phosphorus, Boron and Silicon - PBSi 2023
Berlin (DE)

Inorganic Chemistry Conferences in 2022

02 - 05 August 2022
23rd International Conference on Photochemical Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy
Lausanne (CH)

23 - 28 January 2022
Metals in Biology (GRC)
Ventura (US)