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Polymer Chemistry Conferences

Polymer chemistry is the branch of chemistry that deals with large molecules made up of repeating units referred to as monomers. The scope of polymer chemistry extends from oligomers with only a few repeating units to high polymers with thousands or millions of repeating units. Polymer chemistry includes branches that mimic the divisions of the field of chemistry as a whole, with synthetic (preparation methods) and physical (property determination), biological (proteins, polysaccharides, and polynucleic acids), and analytical (qualitative and quantitative analysis) chemistry. Pre-existing polymers can also be modified by chemical means - including grafting or functionalization reactions. Polymerization and modification reactions can be employed to produce designer polymers as new materials with practically any desired properties

Polymer Chemistry Conferences in 2024

01 - 04 July 2024
50th World Polymer Congress (Macro2024)
Warwick (UK)

25 - 27 February 2022
SupraChem 2024
Ulm (DE)

Polymer Chemistry Conferences in 2023

22 - 26 January 2023
Poly-Char 2023
Auckland (NZ)

Polymer Chemistry Conferences in 2022

19 - 22 October 2022
7th International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid and Nanomaterials
Genoa (IT)

19 - 24 June 2022
16th International Symposium of Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry - ISMSC2022
Eugene (US)

10 - 15 June 2022
25th IUPAC International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry - ICPOC 25
Hiroshima (JP)

15 - 18 May 2022
Advances in Surfaces, Interfaces and Interphases 2022